Best Ways to Avoid Mold This Fall

Mold is considered to be every homeowner’s nightmare, and rightfully so. This phenomenon is heavy on your health as well as your pockets.

Depending on the severity of the problem, mold remediation can set you back thousands of your hard-earned dollars. You cannot even postpone mold removal due to the health risks it poses to your health. Mold exposure can cause health problems ranging from something less severe and temporary allergic reactions to much more severe permanent problems, including insomnia and mold-induced asthma.

However, mold can be prevented if some precautions are set in place, a few of which will be discussed today.

Indoor Climate Control

One of the leading causes of mold developing in a household is hot, humid temperature. However, you cannot just set the thermostat too high; otherwise, the humidity will become an issue, or put it too low; otherwise, water vapor condensation will become an issue.

The ideal temperature is considered to be 78 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent moisture problems and prevent mold.

Remove Traces of Standing Water

Standing water and general dampness on any surface can be considered an ideal breeding ground for mold. This is why always check around your house for any dampness or standing water in places like crawl spaces and refrigerators.

Close Windows and Doors When AC Is On

Pretty self-explanatory, but permanently close all the windows and doors in your house when turning on the AC. Any A/C air escaping outside invites humidity into your home and causes condensation, which is one of the primary causes of mold to develop.

Add a Dehumidifier

As previously discussed, humidity is one of the leading causes of mold to develop. For this reason, a dehumidifier is an essential purchase to help with mold. This device removes access moisture from the air and treats your entire house.

Size Your AC Unit

A properly sized AC unit is beneficial when it comes to preventing mold from developing in your house. An A/C team being too small will only raise your costs and not your temperature. Too big, and your unit will waste precious energy.

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Mold can be a host to an array of financial and health risks, and mold exposure long enough can cause long-term detrimental effects on your health as well. 

This makes it all the more necessary to follow these tips to prevent from your household as much as possible.  However, even if mold has developed in your house, do not worry. It can still be eliminated if you contact a professional today. So please do not wait; Contact us Today 3193377721

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