Carpeting is all about comfort. Nothing creates that cozy-home look like carpet. With many styles, cuts, and colors available, you can find carpeting that complements your home's decor adds style

One thing you may not know about carpeting is that is helps conserve energy. It acts as insulation and provides thermal resistance (R-value). A high R-value means your home will be equipped to conserve warmth and energy.

Carpet is great for noise reduction. It helps absorb the noises of a busy home and creates a more peaceful atmosphere by acting as a sound barrier between floors, making carpet not only stylish, but functional

Color is not the only important factor to keep in mind when choosing the perfect carpeting for your home. Style, construction, and material have significant impacts on the what will work best for your home.

Pile Fiber Types

Pile fiber refer to what your carpeting is made of. Different pile fibers impact carpet color and ease of cleaning. Here are the different fiber options you have for carpets.


If you are looking for a vibrant color, polyester is what you'll likely need. Other benefits are its high resistance to staining and fading.


This fiber type out does the others in durability and strength. Nylon is among the easiest to clean because of its resistance to fading, mold, heat and stains when treated. It is also highly recyclable.


This long-lasting, durable fiber is also fire-retardant and resistant to crushing. When maintained, this carpet type will last for many years.


The main benefit of this fiber is the very low price point. The dye method allows for a high stain resistance, but fewer color selections. It is the most susceptible to crushing, so refrain from dragging heavy things across it.


One of the least popular carpet choices, cotton is very soft and comfortable. It is also easily stained and matted.


This is another unpopular fiber mostly because of its tendency to shed and become fuzzy. It's very similar to wool but a little bit cheaper.

Carpet Style Options

There are a lot of style options, which can be confusing. This quick guide should help you choose the style you want.


This level, looped carpet style is great for a casual setting. It is durable because it is typically made with thick yarns. It doesn't leave footprints or vacuum lines. Seams can be tricky if you are installing yourself, so pay extra attention.

Level Loop

This is another level, looped carpet that is highly durable and can take a good amount of abuse. Great for high traffic areas.

Multilevel Loop

This style features loops of different heights, giving it a textured surface. This style also holds up nicely in busy areas.

Tip Shear (Random Shear)

This style has cut and uncut pile tips to add texture. This works in both formal and informal environments.

Cut Loop

This is another style with cut and uncut tips, but it also has loops at varied heights. It creates a nice look perfect for casual settings.


One of the more luxurious carpeting options, this style is dense with level cut piles. This is a great style for formal settings. One downside is it may shed.


This style is also known as frieze or twist. This texture is designed to hide footprints. This is a fantastic option for high traffic areas in your home.


Also known as plush, this carpet stands out because of its smooth appearance and elegance. There is no twist to the fibers in this style.

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