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Moths and carpet beetles found in rugs are a very serious problem. They will usually be found in dark, undisturbed areas and places that are not vacuumed properly such as under sofas. While in their larvae stage they feed on protein which is readily available in wool, silk and animal hair used to make rugs. They then lay eggs in the rug causing another cycle of rug feasting.

How to find signs of moths in your rug

  • Larvae: Around 3/8" long, white and worm-like. These will be visible in the pile after hatching, before they construct cocoons.
  • Cocoons: These will be slender and around 1/2" long. They have a fuzzy appearance and will usually be camouflaged with the color of the surrounding wool.
  • Excrement: This will appear as brown colored, granular matter in the pile of the rug.
  • Loose fibers: If you see loose fibers then open up the surrounding pile and look for evidence of larvae, excrement or cocoons.
  • Flying Moths: The common clothing moth (tineola bisselliella) generally grows to a maximum of 3/8" long. It flies slowly but beats its small wings rapidly. Its color is a soft or silvery brown.

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